Drama, Music & Dance Dragonfly

by Razvan Constandis & Petra Band

My dragon fly design was inspired by my personal love of drama.

I chose shades of red for the background as it is a deep, rich colour conveying passion and the dramatic. It speaks of death, love; mystery and foreboding. This colour encompasses a range of emotions drawn from life and displayed through the art of drama.

The dreaming Spires of my home city, Oxford, offer their own mystery and promise of adventure; romance and a wealth of rich History to draw from. The iconic image of the masks affirm the dramatic voice of this piece.

Shakespeare has already played a significant part in my own acting experience and drama studies. I have explored his past in several cities in England and have begun to understand his great influence on the world of drama. His quotes already hold a place in my own vocabulary and so it seemed appropriate to display some of his more familiar quotes on the wings as they reflect the many faces of the theatrical.

In addition to the quotes that give this subject a voice, the inspirational setting and the fiery back drop, the figures holding their dramatic poses depict the physical element of drama that draws the audience into their world” – Petra.

drama and music composite


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