SSMJ Dragonfly: Tonbo

Ali Moreton, Art co-ordinator at St Mary & St John’s Primary School, has been working with Year Six pupils on decorating their Dragonfly.

Ali says: “We used our year six Japan day to look at Japanese patterns and to paint the dragonfly. We also embossed Japanese symbols onto copper for the patterns on the wings. This means that every year six child has had a part in decorating the dragonfly. We discovered that the dragonfly has a lot of significance in Japanese culture and often appears in Japanese art.

Coincidentally Japan was known as The Island of the Dragonfly in ancient times, which in Japanese is Akitsushima: Akitsu meaning Dragonfly and Shima meaning Island. We have decided to call our dragonfly after the modern Japanese name for the dragonfly, Tonbo.”











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