Art & Design Dragonfly

by Ashley de Leon, Cyanne Calmy & Edith Peacock

“For my dragonfly design I chose Art because I have a strong love and passion for it and my favourite art style is abstract by far.

I decided to design my dragonfly with an abstract style because I believe with every colour and shape you usé you can tell a story even if it isn’t that obvious and the best part is that everyone sees it in a different way depending on the way they have been brought up’ personality or even their mood that day. Another thing I like about abstract art is that it doesn’t have to be perfect and the mood should be clear.

In conclusion I hope the mood of my dragonfly to be happy and quirky so that it can reflect on the people who see it” – Cyanne.

art - front of rock-page-001(1)

art - dragonfly_profile-page-001

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